2012 – About Me

If you were browsing my website & blog, then felt misled because you thought I will post an entry About me, as promised in previous blog and  the website, my apology.  I really wanted to write something, but it’s just really hard.  The funny way of seeing the situation is: me, the male version of Lisa in The Simpsons season 23 episode 6 (“The Book Job”).  If you haven’t watch any of the recent stuffs from The Simpsons, then  THIS episode worth wasting 30 minutes of your LIFE!!!

Anyway, About ME, what would you like to know, besides more information about my photography (which located two sentences and 5 bullets down).  If there’s anything specific that you want to know just ask!  Other than that, these are what I want you to know about ME:

  • My name is Hai-Au and I’m a big procrastinator (doesn’t it sounds like an introduction of an AA session.  I’ve never been to one, so this come out from what I learned from movies :)).
  • Besides photography, I’m a part-timer at a floral shop in Orange County, CA decorating weddings.  And I’m an Engineer student (Yeah! I’m SUPER-DUPER broke).
  • I ‘m just a normal being.  I make mistakes
  • Not a big social media person because I don’t think the world need / want to know my random thoughts.  An example: “Have you ever wonder why the solutions come to us when we’re in the restroom pushing really hard?”.  Random, right
  • When you contact me about wedding, don’t start with the price.  Let’s get to know each other first.


Masterful and mastering.  I am not the original thinker of these words, just so you know!  My photography skill is NOT masterful, because I haven’t proved myself to be worth like those high priced wedding photographer or held any photography seminar.  Honestly, I do not strive to be masterful.  Not because I don’t like money or seminars, I just see it as a stop.  Mastering photography is how I see myself.  Photography is such a diverse art and business that I want to explore and enjoy all of it.  How much I’ve mastered  this art, judge for yourself through the images on this blog and my Flickr page.

The business, I’m not sure how much of it I’m mastering.   So far, I make a good amount of mistakes. ( Hopefully, that statement doesn’t make you have second thought… I just want you to see that I’m just a genuine person :))  Currently I don’t have a business motto.  Therefore, if you make the decision to choose me as your photographer, I ask that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this the type of photography / images that I like?
  • The personality of this photographer, is this someone I can see as being one of my guest (and photographer) at my party / wedding?

If you answer YES to both questions, great! Expect me to make mistakes.  Just kidding!  The promises I can give you are:

  • I will try behave at my utmost ability
  • Capture images that are exclusively yours
  • I will try my best to make it an enjoyable adventure for us 🙂

At this point, I think it’s a pretty good length to end it here.  Like ending of most books


(Nah! until next time 🙂 )


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